Friday, October 25, 2013

Letters to My Sons - October 2013

Another month has gone by and I am excited to continue with the blog circle of "Letters to Our Children." This group of moms documents the lives of their children through words and photos. It is exciting to see each month what we have all been up to.

October is here and fall is in full swing. I just love the changing temperatures and the vibrant colors of the season. There have been many fun things for us this past month: pumpkin patches and pumpkin carving, apple picking, a trip to the coast. What I am loving most, is our lazy weekend days. Now that we have a kindergartener in the family, our week is full of scheduled activities and it is so nice to stay in pajamas until the mood strikes to get out of the house. Our house has also been full of raw emotion. This season... these new schedules... this act of growing up...well, it has been hard. Both of you are learning to do so much, and sometimes all of this growth is measured in tears and tantrums. Sometimes it is hard to deal with as a parent, but I am thankful in the end, that you are comfortable enough with me to show me everything you have.

L - You have surpassed my expectations of you in kindergarten. You love it. You love going every day. The only thing you struggle with is the two day weekend. Your exact words are,  "Mommy, why do I only get 2 day off? If I go to school for 5 days, why don't I get 5 days off?" I am always excited to hear about your day, what your favorite activity was, who you are playing with. You are learning to write and read which are two skills that are going to change your world. I am so excited for you.

You have also developed a love for games. You now like to play one on one with me. You are able to listen to the rules, and play by them. You get frustrated when you don't win and sometimes let me have an earful. When you win though, your smile is from ear to ear and your arms start doing the "winner" dance.  I am trying to teach you to be gracious wether you win or lose... and I hope that you are able to listen to my words.

M - You love going to kindergarten too. Every morning you have to tell Miss H. "hello" and you NEED to have her acknowledge you or you are crushed. You have become quite the character at morning drop off and you command the attention of your brother's classmates. Lately, you put your brother's backpack on and strut around the playground while telling everyone that you are going to kindergarten. The little girls giggle and laugh at you, and this feeds your confidence. I am surely going to be in trouble in two more years!

I rented some lenses for the camera this month to hopefully capture some neat shots and fall colors. Well, that failed miserably. You and papa were under the weather and neither of you wanted to do much of anything, much less have a camera in your face! I thought I could take you to the park when you were feeling better to play in the leaves, but you refused to get out of the stroller. Hence, the awesome shot of your shoes and Taggy (your beloved blue blanket). 

Despite feeling under the weather on our trip to the coast, we were able to have some fun in the sun on the beach right before we left. This fills my soul more than you know.

My boys, I am so blessed to be your mama. I love you both more than the moon and the stars in the sky.


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