Friday, July 26, 2013

Letter to My Sons - July 2013

 How did July fly by so fast? The summer of 2013 has been filled with fun and many adventures. I am a little short on words this month as I am trying to be present in life as it happens. So, here it goes...

#1 You have grown so much this past month and been daring to try new things. Rock climbing... check. Carnival rides that even mama is a little afraid of...check. Building your own musical instrument...check.

You continue to amaze me with your ability to craft your own toys. You are a busy boy creating Wolverine claws, Thor hammers, and Wasp wings; all out of paper and tape. You are obsessed with super heroes and learning all of the details about the characters. Your perseverance, attention to detail and creativity will serve you well in life.

 # 2 You are full of emotion these days. Trying to become the person you are suppose to be is hard work. Hard for you. Hard for mama. It's hard being a little brother. It's hard sharing. It's hard loosing your naps. It's hard being crazy busy with the adventures of summer. Let's both take a breath. We will get through this.

Your newest love is foam stickers. You could spend hours peeling and sticking. Your continued love is the Marvel comic super heroes. You now have a Captain America mask and shield and it is the most adorable thing if I do say so myself. I love that you are trying to save the world. And, your entrance...the way you fold your arm in front of you and put the other in back of you as if you were flying in, well, it is priceless. We just need to work on a more appropriate place to play the Incredible Hulk. Smashing things, stomping and grunting at the park doesn't go over very well!

My boys, how I love both of you and how I love being your mama. There are just no words to justly describe this adventure we are all on.


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